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Friday, August 5, 2011


I love it when bloggers are REAL!  You KNOW that not ALL projects go according to plan!  Sometimes, it just makes you feel better to know that all of these crafty people in blog land are not perfect.  So I am going to share my recent Project Gone WRONG.

My vision:


I found this awesome tutorial on Pinterest!  Jessica @ Wednesday Custom Designs created these awesome string balls!  I have found tons of tutorials, but this one is very detailed!

Umm…My string balls:


and this one….


I just knew these were going to be awesome!  I was going to hang these cute little babies in my classroom…umm NOT! 

Well, this is what happened:

1.) It is too hot outside and my balloons started shrinking up.  So that resulted in the wet yarn shrinking as well.

2.) I should have rubbed Vaseline on the balloon so the yarn would not stick to the balloon.  Umm…yea..I kind of missed that little detail!

Oh well…you nail some and then you totally MESS some projects up!  I still really want some of these to hang in my classroom, so I will probably try this again soon!  I will let you know how it goes the 2nd time around!

Thanks for reading the good and the bad! 



  1. It's nice to know I am not the only one that messes up things. 'A' for effort though right? (:

  2. LOL. nice to know I'm not the only one. I tried this one time for a friends party. Pretty much failed!

    Love your blog, new follower!

  3. These took me back to Girl Scouts days! I remember it working better with that really thin string (don't know what it's called) that they use to make doilies.

    Anyway, I love your site and am now following you. Please come over to and follow back, if you care to :) Found you on You Like Me blog hop.

  4. Not to worry, at least you know where you went wrong. I think I might have to give these ago if I'm successful they could make nice decorations for my sisters wedding!!

  5. I tried these this summer for my daughter's party...needless to say mine was a COMPLETE FAIL as well. I saw a pic on pinterest and said, "I can do that!" I never even thought that the string would stick to the balloon and when I popped the balloon everything else would collapse!

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who had trouble with this seemingly "easy" diy project! Next time I will definitely use vaseline!

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  7. @Random Mommy
    Ok so in addition to the epic fail I'm about to show you, I epic failed on my comment above, hence why it's deleted.

    I had a project fail a week or so back. You can check it out here: Epic Fails Make the Best Blogs

    Now following you. :)

  8. Well still I like the idea - they look so cool in the tree! Stopping by (a little late from Smart Trendy Mom's Follow Friday Parade - and I am your newest follower. Hope you can stop by my place and return the favor soon :)

  9. Oh no!! At least you learned from this mistake? And probably others to.. I've been wanting to make this for a while, so it's VERY good to know! :P