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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have not had a chance this school year to say how THANKFUL I am for my son’s first grade teacher!  She is a sweet, caring and overall just a WONDERFULLY PERFECT teacher for my son!  I have the privilege of taking my son with me to work everyday!  It is kind of fun to be able to smile at him and see him occasionally throughout the day!  There are days that he has even stopped in and said “Hello and given me a hug.”  I cherish every moment, because I know eventually he will be WAY TOO COOL for that!

All that to say…In first grade the teachers have Family Projects that they give out every once in a while.  For the month of November it is a Turkey.  The idea is to disguise the turkey so that the turkey will make it safely past Thanksgiving Day.  The turkeys can be dressed like ballerinas, football players, farmers…etc.

You can be as fun and creative as you want!  Glitter, paint, feathers, tissue paper…Oh MY!

Here is a picture of the turkey outline:


After creating the turkey they are to write about “How you are going to save yourself from being eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner.”

The page looked like this:


A picture of our turkey….


I would normally have drawn the cute little clothes, but we kind of waited until the last minute.  I googled cowboy clothes and found this:

I am a little bit partial…but I think it turned out GREAT! 

Fun times!

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