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Monday, July 11, 2011

Make Over Monday #4

Plastic Straws

Okay, I have tons of things in mind that will eventually be made over! However, I am behind on getting any projects finished....ummm or started. I have been too busy enjoying my summer off with my kids!
So instead I wanted to get some thoughts and opinions from my readers! At the end of the school year things that have just sat around tend to find their way to the trash can. I walked through the teachers lounge one day and found a box of these in the trash. (Top of the trash and still nicely placed in the box.)

I passed by the first time, and could not resist going back for them. So now I have a box of about 125 of these plastic straws. I have been brainstorming good ways to re- use these. I was trying to think of a way to use them in my classroom with the kids. So far I have only come up with a couple of ideas.
I thought about trying to spray paint them in different colors and them maybe cut them into pieces. (We could sort them,count them, or make patterns with them.) (I could even let them make bracelets out of them.)
I don't creative juices are not flowing on this one yet!

So what do ya' think?