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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In Arkansas, we were sitting at well over 110 degrees in some parts! REALLY?!?!
I can't believe how incredibly hot the weather has been all summer. It is really rare for us to see temps. above 100 were we live. Honestly, I think I would take that 2 feet of snow we had back in Feb. anytime vs. this HOT weather!
I am being LAZY!

Yesterday, my son and I did put some crayons on the back patio to see how fast they would melt. ( I have seen this around blogland lately.)
The crazy thing was that we have not seen a cloud in the sky the past few days. Just guess what happened a few mintues after setting them outside? Umm..CLOUDS! YEP! It turned cloudy for about 30 minutes. I am not complaining! It was just really funny how things work sometimes!

So..even with the clouds our crayons melted pretty quickly! The kids now have a couple more fun crayons to use when coloring!

What is the temperature in your area?

Have FUN and STAY COOL!!


  1. Those crayons are really cool, even if the weather isn't. I am on vacation in Virginia and it has been in the high 90's and overcast with high humidity.

  2. I'm so tired of the heat. I'm in St. Louis and we have literally been under a heat advisory for the last 20 days! I'm done! My poor kiddos want to go play outside and run and climb. And this mommy needs them to play and run and climb! I hope we get some relief soon! I'm going to be trying this crayon trick!

  3. That is just crazy! I love the crayon molds! I am not feeling very enticed to return home right now. We haven't been having triple digits...

  4. What a cute idea! I'd like to do something like that when D is older and doesn't try to eat everything.

    I'm in Montreal and the weather is hot and humid but I'm not complaining. We get freezing cold weather and snow for the majority of the year. I'll take my heat and humidity with a huge smile on my face! :)

  5. I might try this when we teach solids and liquids if it is still hot!

  6. What a fun experiment, and functional. Sorry for the bummer heat:(

    Thanks for joining our blog hop again:)

  7. where did you get your silicone molds? Those are awesome!!!

  8. p.s. love your favicon!!

  9. WOW!thats such a great idea!! thanks for sharing, and yes its hot! i live in fl, its always hot here.
    I found you off a blog hop, newest follower, would love to invite you to follow me :)

    Have a great day!

  10. Great idea I can try with my kids. Thanks.

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  11. love crayons! newest follower from thursday bloghop. would love a follow back at


  12. That's a pretty cool idea for some fun when you are in the middle of a never ending heat wave....I hope you get some rain soon.....hopefully can send some of ours your way! stopping by from the Blog Parade!

  13. Such a super cute idea!! Stopping by from Friday Blog Hop

  14. That's so neat! Such a cool idea. When my son gets old enough for crayons, I'm totally doing that!