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Thursday, May 24, 2012

School's Out For Summer!!

WOW!!!  Can we say it has been a CRAZY week!  I have been busy trying to keep track of 18 Kinder kids! Yesterday, was the last day of school!  A fun filled day yet very tiring.  The last day comes with a rush of so many emotions for both the kids and for me.  We laughed a little, smiled a lot, and cried some at the end of the day.  It really is hard to see them go, especially knowing some of them will not come back in August.

I have a work day at school this morning.  I am sure some of you are wondering who won our Blog-a-paloosa Giveaway.  With the craziness of my week I have not had a chance to post it.  So, that will be the first thing on my agenda when I get home this afternoon!  Stay just might be YOU!!  :)