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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


In Arkansas, we were sitting at well over 110 degrees in some parts! REALLY?!?!
I can't believe how incredibly hot the weather has been all summer. It is really rare for us to see temps. above 100 were we live. Honestly, I think I would take that 2 feet of snow we had back in Feb. anytime vs. this HOT weather!
I am being LAZY!

Yesterday, my son and I did put some crayons on the back patio to see how fast they would melt. ( I have seen this around blogland lately.)
The crazy thing was that we have not seen a cloud in the sky the past few days. Just guess what happened a few mintues after setting them outside? Umm..CLOUDS! YEP! It turned cloudy for about 30 minutes. I am not complaining! It was just really funny how things work sometimes!

So..even with the clouds our crayons melted pretty quickly! The kids now have a couple more fun crayons to use when coloring!

What is the temperature in your area?

Have FUN and STAY COOL!!