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Monday, June 20, 2011

Make-Over Monday #2

King Sized Pillowcase to Valance

My son took over one of our extra king size pillows! I am not sure why he thinks he MUST have a pillow that large?!?! (he has a twin bed..go figure...) Anyway, I bought a package of black king size pillow cases to go with his Razorback bedding. (Yes, he LOVES the RAZORBACKS!---It is an ARKANSAS thing I guess!)
One day while cleaning his room I found the extra pillow case wedged far beneath his bed. I wondered what I could do with this extra black pillow case. I had yet to put up any kind of window treatment to match his new bedding. I figured I could at least throw a valance together using the extra pillowcase.

Basically, all I did was take out the stitches out of the one side. The other side I just cut straight across. That left me with one long panel. I hemmed each side. At the top I made a bigger hem all the way across to insert the curtain rod into.

It turned out great! I love fast and simple projects like this one!