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Monday, August 22, 2011

Magic Play Dough

We have officially finished our first “REAL” day of Kindergarten!  I am proud to say that I survived! It is a fun place to be, but oh so hard at the beginning!

Here is a fun little activity that we always do on the first day of school!  This one came from one of my fellow Kindergarten teachers!

All you need is red and blue Play Dough or two Play Dough colors that will mix to make another color!


Make some balls out of the blue Play Dough.


Flatten out a piece of red Play Dough.

DSC_0004-1   DSC_0005-1

Finish by rolling the red Play Dough around the blue Play Dough.


Place Play Dough in a baggie and attach this awesome poem to it!

This magic playdough ball

Is a special gift for you.

Play with it, roll it around…

That is all you need to do.

If the dough changes colors,

Then it will be very clear…

You are a (insert school name and mascot)

We will have an awesome year!

Okay, can you guess what will happen?!?!  The kids absolutely LOVE IT!  I love that the kids REALLY do think that it is MAGIC!!!  They always get so excited watching it change colors!  Oh…to be a kid again! 

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