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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Totally-Fun Tuesday #2

Fruity Finger Paints

(This recipe came from The Ultimate Book Of Kid Concoctions 2)
by: John E. Thomas & Danita Thomas

2 cups flour
2 Tbs. (2 envelopes) unsweetened drink mix
1/2 cup salt
3 cups hot water
3 Tbs. cooking oil
Freezer paper

1. Mix flour, drink mix, and salt together
2. Stir in water and cooking oil
3. Paint on the freezer paper.

My kids had a lot of fun making and painting with this paint! I do need to warn you that this makes tons! You could probably cut it down to a 1/4 and still have more than enough! I cut the recipe in half and each one of my kids still had a bowl full of paint!

They loved watching it turn colors!
Plus, it smells nice and fruity!

This is my 6 year olds finished product. In Kindergarten we kid spell. (meaning write what sounds you hear) It might not look like much; but after teaching Kindergarten for 10 years you just learn to see it! :)
Plus, I was standing there when he was sounding it out!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Make-Over Monday #3

Dollar Tree candle sticks & vases
Hurricane Vases

Okay, I have seen this one around blog land forever! I just had to follow the trend! All you need is 2 Dollar Tree Candle Sticks, 2 Dollar Tree Vases
some E-6000 Glue.
All you need to do is glue the candle stick to the bottom of the vase. Follow the directions on the E-6000 glue package. You have to let it set for about 24 hours.



I found these cool bags of decorative items at the Dollar Tree also!
I filled my hurricane vases with some of these things!

cheap, fun, and easy project!
Gotta Love It!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday #2

Ruffled Pinafore

I got to see my sweet niece about a couple of weeks ago! She is 6 months old already! I do not get to see them very often because they live about 9 hours away. :( So her favorite auntie had to whip up something cute for her! This is the outfit that I made her! It was super cute on! I just LOVE having a baby girl I can make cute things for! My baby girl is 3 and starting to get rather opinionated already! :(

Monday, June 20, 2011

Make-Over Monday #2

King Sized Pillowcase to Valance

My son took over one of our extra king size pillows! I am not sure why he thinks he MUST have a pillow that large?!?! (he has a twin bed..go figure...) Anyway, I bought a package of black king size pillow cases to go with his Razorback bedding. (Yes, he LOVES the RAZORBACKS!---It is an ARKANSAS thing I guess!)
One day while cleaning his room I found the extra pillow case wedged far beneath his bed. I wondered what I could do with this extra black pillow case. I had yet to put up any kind of window treatment to match his new bedding. I figured I could at least throw a valance together using the extra pillowcase.

Basically, all I did was take out the stitches out of the one side. The other side I just cut straight across. That left me with one long panel. I hemmed each side. At the top I made a bigger hem all the way across to insert the curtain rod into.

It turned out great! I love fast and simple projects like this one!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sunday!


I have been a tad bit frustrated with blogger lately!  Ok…maybe…just maybe it is my lack of knowledge about all of the html codes and web design stuff?  Anyway, I done a little research about why I have this BIG SPACES on my pages that I created.  When I preview it looks fine, then I publish it and I have all these spaces.  Ok, with all that said..I found out that you could download Windows Live Writer and just insert your post from there.  (I am sure this is just general knowledge for everyone but me!)  So…I am trying this out as we speak! 

So far…

*I love the option of sooooo many more/fun fonts!

*I can choose from tons more font colors!

*It is like using Word for blogging!  (it feels natural!)

I is the little things!  Smile  (Oh….!  A REAL smiley face!!!!)

Ok, I am going to post this and see how it turns out!


Red heartAlicia

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday # 5

This week I am thankful for...

My first full week of summer break started on Monday! I have been busy cleaning, organizing and spending time with my kids! Have a Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday #1

I'm Working On....

I have not really done anything in the way of crafting projects this week...
but I have been......

1.) watching my two kids make lots of messes!

2.) Usually, my first week of summer vacation is spent organizing. I started organizing my daughters room yesterday. I really needed pics. of that! Gee, I wonder how long it will stay neat and tidy?!?!

3.) reading this book...

Connie @ Measured By The Heart hosts a monthly book club. This is the book for June. So far I am enjoying this book! This book is a fast and easy read! If you have a chance to read it, come post your comments at the end of the month @ Measured By The Heart!

4.) I am also working on trying to make this blog exactly what I want it to be! There are still things that I would like to add/change. I am sure it will eventually get there!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Totally-Fun Tuesday #1

Crayon Making

My kids love melting and making new crayons!
We actually made heart crayons around Valentine's Day.

I re-used old baby food jars to melt the crayons in. You can find ice molds and fun plastic candy molds to fill to make new fun crayon shapes!
Target usually has fun, seasonal molds like this one in their $1.00 section!

I would suggest putting the baby food jars in a pot of hot/boiling water. Then, I pour the
melted crayon into the molds. (Caution: This part is NOT OKAY for your children to do.) I know that some silicon trays are made to be put into the oven. I have not experimented to see if these trays would do well in the oven. (I might experiment with one on a really low temp. and see how it goes.)

My kids love unwrapping crayons and sorting them into the appropriate colors. Sorting things by color, shape, or size is a good skill for younger children! For older children, you can talk to the about how a solid can turn into a liquid by heating it up! (Okay, that was just the teacher in me!)

Happy Crayon Making!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Make-Over Monday

I was looking at patterns one day at Hobby Lobby, when I came across this purse pattern. The pattern actually suggested that you use a pair of pants as the fabric.
The making of this purse happened way before I started trying to repurpose clothes on my own! (without a pattern)
The pattern I used was Simplicity # 2597.
It was a fun and easy sewing project. I went shopping for a pair of kaki pants at my
local Goodwill. I think I might have paid around $4.00 for the pants.
The pants were in a great/almost new shape.

Plus, there are several other cute purse patterns included in this pattern also!

Pants Before:
(Sorry, this is a really bad picture!)

Purse After:

Happy Monday!

Summer Schedule

I am going to start trying to organize my blog a little bit this summer. I have come up with a routine schedule that I will try & hopefully be able to keep up! I think that if I have a set routine and/or agenda that it might make it easier to blog more consistently. (I am not yet promising this throughout the busy, hectic school year!) We will see! :) So here is what I am thinking so far:

Sunday--Might be my down day?
Make-over Monday-- repurposing
Totally Fun Tuesday--fun ideas to do with the kiddos
What I'm Working On Wednesday--my projects
Thankful Thursday
Feature Friday --I see awesome stuff
in blog land and want to share some of my favorites!
Sun-sational Saturday--- this one is open for
anything fun and summer like!

What do you think? I welcome any suggestions and/or ideas!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6th Birthday Party

My 1st baby turned 6 a couple of weeks ago! Of course, like I said with my 3 year old...It is bittersweet! I remember holding him and cuddling with him like it was just yesterday! It is almost scary how time flies so very fast! This past year has been a year of many "firsts" for him. Here are a few!

First year of Kindergarten..
First time to play a real organized
First time to perform on stage for school plays...
First time to go on field trips...
First time to ride on a school bus...
First 'real' school pictures...
First report card..

And there will be many more 'firsts' to follow!

Here is a picture of the cake I made for Landon's 6th Birthday. He wanted a Mario cart birthday cake. I think this turned out pretty good! It was a very crazy morning with alot of stuff going on at once! I am just thankful it turned out with all that CRAZINESS going on!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Crocheted Newsboy Hat

I crocheted my first hat! It was really not as difficult as I thought it would be. I added a crocheted strip and buttons to the front of the hat to make it into a hat for a boy.
I found the pattern here!

I made this hat to give as a baby gift to our Music teacher.
She should be having a baby boy anytime now!
She loved it! It made the cutest/sweetest little baby gift!

I'm Back!!

I'm Back!!
Sorry, I have neglected the blogging world!
I have been so very busy ending the school year.
I have 2 more days...but my
many projects have pretty much come to an end! YAY!!!!
So with that said...
On to a NEW POST!!!