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About Me

I am a mom to a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old little girl!  I am a wife to a wonderful husband!  I am also a full time Kindergarten Teacher.  Life keeps me busy!  But, in the little extra time I do have I love anything crafty!

I have always been the crafty, artsy type!  I loved creating and making things when I was younger!  At this point in my life; my blog, crafting, sewing, etc. have been my stress reliever!  It is a time where I put all of my energy (what's left of it!) into something fun for myself or others!  It is my "HAPPY PLACE!" 

Some of the things that you will find me blogging about is my many sewing endeavors!  I am a self taught seamstress.  I grew up watching my mom and grandmother sewing, but I really never took a major interest in it.  I started sewing small, simple projects when I began teaching.  I have really only been serious about it the last couple of years!  Having a little girl changes things!  I wanted to be the one making ALL of those CUTE GIRLIE outfits!  

I also had a teacher friend teach me how to knit and crochet.  I love sitting and doing this during the cold winter months.  Plus, it keeps me awake at night when I am watching T.V!  I have just recently be branching out into a few more challenging pieces!

I LOVE reading!  Of course, this is also contingent on time!  I love reading all sorts of different types of books.  A couple of my favorite authors include: Nicholas Sparks and John Grisham.  

I LOVE doing fun activities with my 2 kids!  During the summer I like to break out some fun and different kid projects!  We love painting, melting crayons and playing in the water!

Well, that is a little bit about me!
I hope that you enjoy reading my blog!