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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break

I will start by saying that I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!  Both of my kids really enjoyed Christmas this year!  My 3 year old thoroughly enjoyed it!  She is just now old enough to really understand and have a fun time!  So lots of memories and fun times were made!

I have taken the term “Christmas Break” quite literally this year.  I usually try to cram as much stuff into my breaks as possible!  But, not this year!  I have really just hung out with the kiddos!  I have done a little cleaning and organizing, but not much considering that I have been off for about 10 days now. 

So, now I have hit panic mode…with only a couple more days I have a list of things to do!

Has anyone else done the same thing?!?!

I have a couple of projects that I want to post!  But I need to go snap a few pics. first! 

Stay Tuned!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am so slacking!

I have been such a slacker on here lately!  Hopefully, I still have a few people that are still hanging in there with me!  I am just finding it really hard to find a balance between my REAL job..full time Kindergarten Teacher, mom, wife, and my blogging and crafty side.  (If any of you have it down…please clue me in on your secret!)

So, what HAVE I been up to lately?!?!  I have had a few free minutes to whip up some fun and crafty stuff!  Just not a lot of time to blog about them.  (I need someone to just transcribe for me!)  I have TONS of blog post swimming around in my head!

I whipped up two Christmas outfits for my daughter and my niece.  They turned out super cute!


I saw this awesome tutorial on how to sew in a reverse applique on a shirt.  I followed it to make a cute candy cane shirt to match the ruffled pants.  This is a really awesome tutorial and oh so easy!!!  LOVED IT!


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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sew Stylish Boutique—Headband Review

Rose and Heather over at Sew Stylish Boutique are creating some pretty cool stuff!  They were looking for some bloggers to review their new headband idea!  (Which I might add…is such a GREAT idea!)

I was super excited when I received my little box!  Basically, they have used a thin wire as the headband part.  Unlike traditional headbands, this one does not pinch or poke the sides of your head!  Nope…Not once did I feel like I was wearing a headband!

Most of you know that I am a Kindergarten teacher.  This year I have 12 girls and 6 boys.  I had several of my girls comment that my headband was cute!  Not only did I get numerous comments from my kinder kids; there were several teachers and interns that raved about it!

I would definitely go check out their Etsy shop!  These headbands would make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

Here is a pic. of the cute headband they sent me!  I absolutely LOVE IT!

DSC_0490-1   DSC_0482-1

Here are a few of my favs from their Etsy shop!  Of course, I could have listed so MANY more!



Hope everyone can stop by and check them out! 


Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Beach or Snow?

Anyone that knows me well knows that I love winter, cold weather, and SNOW!  Living in Arkansas, we usually do not experience too much snow.  However, last year was a MAJOR exception!  We ended up with 12-14 inches of snow!  That is pretty major for us!  I LOVED IT! (However, I was not all that excited about going to school until the middle of June.)

All that to tell you this…

My 4 K-teacher friends and I were meeting after school the other day.  We have these awesome new promethean boards this year.  We were playing around with the board when one of them put a beach background.   I mentioned how SNOW would be much more enjoyable as a background.  Well, we agreed to disagree on that one!  (Me being the ONE that loves the snow WAY more than the other 4.)

I was playing around and found this pic.  I found it very fitting for my 4 friends!

So, this one is for my K-team!


So, if you had to choose…

Would it be..

Snow or The Beach???



Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have not had a chance this school year to say how THANKFUL I am for my son’s first grade teacher!  She is a sweet, caring and overall just a WONDERFULLY PERFECT teacher for my son!  I have the privilege of taking my son with me to work everyday!  It is kind of fun to be able to smile at him and see him occasionally throughout the day!  There are days that he has even stopped in and said “Hello and given me a hug.”  I cherish every moment, because I know eventually he will be WAY TOO COOL for that!

All that to say…In first grade the teachers have Family Projects that they give out every once in a while.  For the month of November it is a Turkey.  The idea is to disguise the turkey so that the turkey will make it safely past Thanksgiving Day.  The turkeys can be dressed like ballerinas, football players, farmers…etc.

You can be as fun and creative as you want!  Glitter, paint, feathers, tissue paper…Oh MY!

Here is a picture of the turkey outline:


After creating the turkey they are to write about “How you are going to save yourself from being eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner.”

The page looked like this:


A picture of our turkey….


I would normally have drawn the cute little clothes, but we kind of waited until the last minute.  I googled cowboy clothes and found this:

I am a little bit partial…but I think it turned out GREAT! 

Fun times!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Owls, Owls and MORE Owls

Apparently, this is the year of the owl.  I have heard a friend mention it and it seems to be so!

Everywhere you look there is an owl on something! 

So of course I could NOT go without making something with owls on it!

This is what I whipped up!


I decided that I would make my daughter and my niece cute little matching owl outfits!  It would be so fun to get a picture of them both together, but my sister lives about 8 hours away.  


Here is a picture of the bow I made for the shirt.  It is just a simple yo-yo flower topped with a twisted rosette in the middle.

Now I guess I need to move on to making some cute Christmas outfits!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shabby Apple

If you have not cruised around the Shabby Apple website you really are missing out!  Those of you who have little girls have GOT to go check out these CUTE GIRLIE dress!  I have so many favorites that I am not sure I could just pick one!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Hibiscus                                              Fields of Gold

image        image

The sizes range from 0-6 to even 10/12.
And of course they have not left you out either!  They have a huge selection for us older girls to!

                                                                       Atlantic Fog


I LOVE this one!  I can see this paired with a really great jean jacket for a little more warmth!     Go check them out!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paper Pumpkins

In Kindergarten, we always take a trip to the pumpkin patch!  We love for the kids to see an actual field that the pumpkins are growing in. 

When we get back to school we write about our favorite part of the pumpkin patch trip.  I saw this idea on Somewhat Simple.  Instead, I typed out  the phrase “I liked the ________________.  The kids were to fill in the blank with their 3 most favorite Pumpkin Patch activities.  It is still early in Kindergarten and we have just started sounding out beginning sounds in words.  So for this activity, I wrote the words on the board that they told me they needed.

The kids did a GREAT job with these!  This activity was also great for practicing their cutting skills!


Here are two of the strips.  You will need 6 strips in all.  They had 3 “I liked” strips and 3 plain strips.


You will stack the strips all together and hole punch 1 hole in each end.  I attached brads on both ends.

After the brads are attached, pull each strip out and it will start looking like a pumpkin! 

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crochet Along with Maybe Matilda

I recently participated in a crochet along with Maybe MatildaThe pattern was for a Time Out Cowl. I am by no means an expert in the art of crocheting, but this pattern was pretty basic and easy to follow! 

When I saw this I thought this would be a great scarf for those COLD recess duty days!  I am lovin’ the way it turned out!  This scarf is so versatile!  I think I might just experiment with different weights and textures of yarn!

Here is a couple of pictures of my cowl. 

Cowl 1

Cowl 2

Well, looks like all I need now is some COLD weather!!!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Make-Over Monday+T-Shirt bows

It has been awhile since I posted a Make-Over Monday.  So I thought why not!   If you do not know by now; I LOVE making things out of t-shirts!  I had some left over scrapes and got busy making cute hair bows!  We are always needing some fun new hair accessories around here!

So this is what I came up with.

Cut about a 11/2 inch strip of t-shirt material.  Fold in half.  Snip all the way across the strip of material so that you get the frayed look.  (It is fun to experiment with different widths!)  Do not snip all the way through the fold.  Stop about a 1/4 of an inch from the fold.


Cut out a circle of felt.  Hot glue the strip flat and into a circle.  Around, around and around!


When you reach the middle you can trim off the excess and glue some bling into the center!

Here are a few that I made.


I just put an alligator clip on the back, but I could see these being really cute on a thin stretchy head band!  Let me know if you make any of these!  I would LOVE to show them off here on my blog!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crafty Classroom Décor #1

School is in full swing!  Most of you can probably tell that by my inconsistent post lately.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  This week was a little more than crazy!  We had a regular school day and then we met with parents at night for parent-teacher conferences.  So I had a couple of long days and late nights. 

It takes Kindergarteners a little while longer to adjust and for us to really get into the swing of things.  (Thus resulting in one TIRED teacher!)  So hopefully, I will be a little more consistent here on the blog within the next month.

I talk about my classroom…. so I thought I would show you around!  I also thought I would show you some crafty classroom décor! 

Here are some fun, cute flower pots that I painted several years ago.  These were painted with acrylic paint.  My pens and scissors have had a happy home now for several years!  I could see this being a cute teacher gift.  I LOVE FUN PENS!  So paint a cute pot and fill it with some fun and colorful pens! 

Flower pots

In this picture you can see the rocks that I added to the larger flower pot.   It just looks safer if the points of my scissors are stuck down in the rocks. 

Flower pot 3

This concludes the first post of Craft Classroom Décor!

Stay tuned for the second post!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MyMemories Software WINNER!!!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GIVEAWAY!! My Memories Digital Scrapbooking

I am so excited!!   I am doing my first giveaway!!!  WOO HOO!!!

I was super excited when contacted me and asked my to do a review of their Digital Scrapbooking software!

I have had tons of fun playing around with the My Memories software this week!  This Digital Scrapbooking software is so versatile!  You can have fun creating and printing digital scrapbook pages, photo books, cards, calendars, gift tags and making videos!  Really, I have not begun to mention the endless possibilities that MyMemories Suite software has to offer! 

With MyMemories you can use their already designed scrapbooking templates or you can choose to design your own!  I played around with both methods and found them both user friendly.  I loved using the fun backgrounds and the cute embellishments to add spice and interest to my pages!  (I am already thinking I could make some really cute class Christmas card for a parent gift at Christmas time!)

Here is a calendar that I made!  This was not a pre-designed template. First, I choose a background and then I downloaded the FREE calendar template from  (Did I mention that they have a totally awesome FREE download section…with AMAZING templates and EXTRA pre-designed scrapbooking layouts?!?!?!)  After placing the calendar on my background; I played around with the word art, fonts and embellishments.  There really are endless possibilities!

My October calendar. 


Here is a fun gift tag template that I will definitely be using at Christmas time!  This gives you the option of adding little circle or square pictures to your tags!  So fun and festive!

My Album 1-001

Take a look at what else has to offer! is going to let me give one of my readers the AWESOME MyMemories Suite 2.0! This is a retail value of $39.97!

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Good Luck To All!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Girlie Travel Pillow

It is tough traveling with little ones.  I really hate turning around and seeing them fall asleep in their car seats.  Their heads and necks bobbing all over the place.  My 6 year old is now in a booster seat, so I bought him a neck pillow a couple of months ago.  Of course, my 3 year old thought she just had to have one because her bubba did! 

So, I thought…I can so throw one of those together!  Here is how it goes!!

1.) I used some fleece that I had lying around.  I just free-handed a pattern out of a piece of freezer paper.  I knew what shape and how wide I wanted it.

2.) Cut it out with the insides of your material together. 

3.) You will then sew all the way around it, leaving a 2-3 inch opening.

4.) Turn your pillow casing inside out and stuff.  I used fiber fill to fill my pillow.

5.) Lastly, sew your opening closed.  I just slip-stitched the opening closed.

Girlie Neck Pillow

There you have it!!!  A cute and girlie travel neck pillow!

My daughter was thrilled to have a pillow just like your brother!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for…

Cooler Weather

I am so thankful that we are experiencing cooler temperatures here in Arkansas!  It makes me so much happier during recess duty!  I am just not a HOT weather chick! 

How is the weather where you are?


Monday, September 5, 2011

Yellow Day

In Kindergarten, the first two weeks we have all of the kids dress in the color of the day.  Each day of the week is a different color!  I always try to participate but find myself lacking certain colors.  This year I had a hard time with the colors yellow and orange.  I guess those are just NOT my colors!  So “yellow day” came and no yellow.  (I really wish I were one of those people that planned ahead, but I am usually just not.)  I finally decided that I would throw together one of these cute little t-shirt scarves that have been all over blog land.  Like as in..I decided to throw it together around 6:00 that morning!(Umm yes, running around trying to make a yellow scarf before leaving to go to school at 7:00!)  I did get to school on time and with a very cute and “yellow” accessory! 

Here ya’ go!  This is what I wore on “Yellow Day.”



I actually had fun making it!  The flower took longer than anything. (Basically, just cutting out all of those petals!)  I would definitely recommend making a few of these to accessorize with!  Here is the tutorial that I used for the flower!

Fun, Simple and CUTE!

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