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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


To Wash or Not To Wash??  That is the question!

Okay..So I have these TOMS..I LOVE my TOMS!


The girl that sold me my first pair of Toms told me to buy them a 1/2 size smaller.  (They are supposed to stretch… Umm No!)

So….I have worn and worn them without socks until…the stench was quite


So I sprayed them several times with Bath & Body Spray…it helped but quickly the stench came back…

SO with much debate…I decided I would wash them and see how they fared in the laundry.

The results are in….

Before Pic…


After Pic…


Obviously, these are the canvas ones and I would not suggest washing the ones that are made of those cute little sparkles!  But, I am happy that I can continue to wear my fresh smelling TOMS!

Oh and I just threw them in the washer with some TIDE and then let them air dry!