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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sunday!


I have been a tad bit frustrated with blogger lately!  Ok…maybe…just maybe it is my lack of knowledge about all of the html codes and web design stuff?  Anyway, I done a little research about why I have this BIG SPACES on my pages that I created.  When I preview it looks fine, then I publish it and I have all these spaces.  Ok, with all that said..I found out that you could download Windows Live Writer and just insert your post from there.  (I am sure this is just general knowledge for everyone but me!)  So…I am trying this out as we speak! 

So far…

*I love the option of sooooo many more/fun fonts!

*I can choose from tons more font colors!

*It is like using Word for blogging!  (it feels natural!)

I is the little things!  Smile  (Oh….!  A REAL smiley face!!!!)

Ok, I am going to post this and see how it turns out!


Red heartAlicia


  1. Very neat. I know nothing about Windows Live Writer. Where did you find it? I wonder if it works with Mac?

  2. Following you too with GFC!

    Thanks for linking up at Bacon Time, hope to see you every weekend!

    Thanks for grabbing the button too!