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Friday, May 4, 2012

4 years old…already?

My little girl turned 4 two weeks ago.  I say this every year, but I wonder how come life seems to be flying by so quickly.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the little ones.  It saddens me to see my little ones grow up so fast.

She has the cutest and sweetest personality.  She is always saying something funny!  I love that about her!  Such sweet innocence!

One of my favorites lately is to hear her say, “Mama, I want to wear a BEAU-TI-FUL dress!”  She exaggerates the BEAUTIFUL part!  Of course, I eat this up!  I love to doll her up in cute girlie clothes! 

So of course my little princess had to have a Disney Princess Birthday Party!  At her request, she wanted a princess cake.  Goodness, I have noticed that the cakes tend to get more involved each year!  But, I would do it again to listen to and see her expression when the cake was complete!

“Oh Mama, I LOVE IT!”  All morning long she watched and asked when she could put the princesses on the cake.  She was super excited when I told her it was time for her to put the princesses on.

Here is the finished castle cake.


I used the Wilton Castle Cake set.  This was a first, but I was not sure I would be able to pull off a standing castle without it!  I was happy that it turned out so cute!

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  1. You always amaze me with your cakes. :)

  2. I think you need to fly out here and make all my cakes for me K?...K!

  3. Alicia,

    That is impressive! Those kits are always so cute innocently seating on the store shelf, until you get it home and realize it is near impossbile to replicate the photo on the box. I've just given up trying.

    I'm visiting from the Thirty Handmade linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. What an amazing cake! My princess would love it. Too bad her birthday just went by!

  5. You made that cake,it is wonderfully bueatful and I beat as yummy as it looks.I may not be four any more but I would still love that cake.Thanks for sharing .