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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life’s Craziness!

WHEW!!  Snow, Parent Teacher Conferences, Valentine’s Day & My Anniversary…Oh MY!!

We started the week off with a nice 1 of snow.  The roads stayed pretty clear so we did have school on Monday.  That meant that the kids were much crazier than usual. 

Tuesday was our Valentine’s Day parties at school!  Yet another very busy and crazy day!  Plus, I had Parent/Teacher Conferences until 7:00.  I got home to enjoy what was left of Valentine’s Day and my 8th Wedding Anniversary! (such the life of a teacher) 

My wonderful husband and I did get to hang out and run around by ourselves on Saturday.  My parents came up and took care of the kiddos for the day!  So nice to enjoy time by ourselves once in awhile!  We rarely have sitters, so the kids are usually always with us.  The kids were super excited when they found out that they were going out to dinner with only their Mimi and Pappi!  NO parents to ruin the fun!  J and I were excited to enjoyed a nice quiet dinner at a small local Chinese restaurant!  (with no kiddos constantly asking to “play” our phones)

That pretty much recaps my crazy week!  So excited to have Friday off! (teacher-flex day!)  Maybe I can finish up a few of my many projects!




  1. So, I heard that you all actually get the snow days back at the end if you don't use them. Well, so far NO snow here and we DO NOT get those 8 days back.

    Happy Anniversary! I am glad you got to go out!

  2. You should not have to have parent teacher conferences on Valentines. There's something wrong there.