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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crochet Along with Maybe Matilda

I recently participated in a crochet along with Maybe MatildaThe pattern was for a Time Out Cowl. I am by no means an expert in the art of crocheting, but this pattern was pretty basic and easy to follow! 

When I saw this I thought this would be a great scarf for those COLD recess duty days!  I am lovin’ the way it turned out!  This scarf is so versatile!  I think I might just experiment with different weights and textures of yarn!

Here is a couple of pictures of my cowl. 

Cowl 1

Cowl 2

Well, looks like all I need now is some COLD weather!!!



  1. Don't bring on the cold weather yet! I love the way it is right now. :) You did a great job on that. I am impressed.

  2. Turned out awesome!

  3. Turned out awesome!

  4. Turned out awesome!

  5. Great job! Thanks so much for joining in--it's so fun to see everyone's takes on the pattern!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the grey color you chose! That will go with anything.

    If you want cold weather, head up to NorCal where I am. It is POURING right now. :0)

  7. We're already gettin' some COLD in Northern Arizona! It's going down into the THIRTIES tonight! I have to pick my green tomatoes ASAP. Guess they'll get made into green tomato relish or we'll fry up a few.

    Love your cowl. Wasn't this a fun and easy project? I'm making a bunch for Christmas presents and I think I may rate a couple more myself!

  8. That is so great! Our weather has been getting colder and something like that would be great to help keep warm and stay healthy.

    Thank you for the follow, now following you back!

  9. I've never crocheted before. Cross stitch and quilts are the extent of my craftiness.

    Stopping by from the blog hop.

  10. Hi I'm a new follower from the Blogging Buddies Blog Hop! I used to be a Kindergarten teacher!!

    I just started crocheting but my first scarf is a little... uneven lol. I'm not ready for the cold yet anyway!

    Please stop by any time - I love your colorful blog and its awesome name! :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  11. Hi! Love scraves - bought 2 yesterday at a boutique. I also love kindergarten age - subbed for six years and this age group ended up being my favorite.

    I'm a new follower and would love for you to follow me too!

  12. Wow, that is awesome. You did a fabulous job!