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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes

It is about that time again! It is time for me to start thinking about Birthday parties! My little girl will be 3 in April and my son will be 6 in May. Oh how time flies! :(

I usually try to starting putting cake and theme detail together about a month or so in advance. April is rapidly approaching and it has not been decided what my little girls party will be. Her thoughts and ideas....Ponies, "Straberry Orkcake", Tinkerbell. Of course with a 2 year old, it is never the same answer. So goal for the week is to determine which one for birthday #3.

A little background into my reign as Birthday Cake Maker Extraordinaire!(only joking...I do NOT claim this title at all!...the whole cake decorating thing stresses me out a little!)

My mom always made birthday cakes for my sister and I. I remember her getting up early on birthday morning..rarin' to go! (okay not always fully awake, but ready to make us a fun, cute cake) She would squeeze out those tiny little stars until her hand was about to fall off. Of course what child truly appreciates all that effort. I loved the cakes and thought it was pretty cool that my mom could produce such wonderful cakes.

Fast forward to my sons first birthday:

As I got older, I said..."When I have kids I will just buy their cakes."
I went shopping months in advance to find the perfect 1st birthday cake for my son. I was kind of disappointed in the lack of variety and the cost. UGH!

I did what I said that I would not! :) I decided on a theme and proceeded to attempt to make his 1st birthday cake. It was like on Cake leading with my ideas and visions and my mom assisting me in the endeavor.

I had decided to make a cute little yellow duck. The duck was sitting in a pool of water.
Let me just say, we had a crazy, exhausting and fun bonding time that we will never forget. As the years have past, I have enjoyed creating their birthday cakes year after year. My mom is still my assistant and is usually the encourager. I have this tendency to get a little stressed in the middle of it. Thinking...I am really not sure this one is going to turn out. But, they have always turned out better than I would have ever thought possible.

The Infamous Duck:

A couple of cakes from previous years:

I will update when we have decided on a cakes for this year!



  1. I can't wait to see what is next. I always love your cakes. That is exactly why I make mine too...memories from my childhood. Plus I like the way they taste. :)

  2. I would need two assistants or more if I tried to do something like that! Are you coming back to N'ville in December?!

  3. WOW those are beautiful! My mother always made my cakes, and I remember how special they were because of it!
    (agree with Reba that they taste much better, too..)

    Great cakes- can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  4. They are great! my mom always did the same for us too. And i love to make my son's as well! I think it is a nice touch, and clearly, you are good at it!

  5. I love the thomas one. It looks so great! I have a post coming about birthday cakes isn't that a coincidence. New follower btw--connie,

  6. What cute cakes! You have quite the decorating talent!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm your newest follower. :) Stop by my blog again soon--I'd love to have you as a follower, as well! Oh, and remember to check out the two giveaways I am hosting this week. ;)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a nice comment. I love to hear from people. I decided to return the favor. I love your cakes, they are beautiful. Your family is blessed to have someone who is willing to go to all that trouble to make such special cakes. your blog is so sweet, I decided to become a new follower!
    I dabble in decorating cakes, but nothing like what you do. Beautiful job, keep up the good work. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These cakes are absolutely amazing! I can't even believe you made this without a staff of about 20 full-time cake professionals! : )

  9. Wow, these cakes are just amazing. You are very talented.

  10. Your site is adorable too... can't wait to look at it more! Thanks for linking!

  11. em all. My son would love Thomas, Larry, and Bob, too!!

    I am your newest linky follower :)

    -Alisha @