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Friday, March 11, 2011

Mermaid Costume

We had a Father/Daughter dance at our school a couple of weekends ago. Our theme was a Luau. We always set up a photo backdrop display for pictures. One of the backdrops are for the girls only. In the past, we have let the girls dress up in fun, cute props! This year a couple of teachers and I put our heads together to come up with a fun, cute ocean like idea! After tossing ideas around...we decided on a Mermaid costume! We put our visions together and an awesome Mermaid Costume was created!

Here is a brief look into how the Mermaid costume was created!

about: a 1 1/2 of blue felt
shimmery fabric for scales
blue and green tulle for scales
1/2 yard of matching cotton fabric for the top
a piece of blue shimmery fabric

First, I cut the Mermaid tail out of a piece of freezer paper. I also cut my scale shape out of freezer paper also.

Lay out the piece of felt. I folded the entire piece of felt and cut it down the side. The felt was then folded over and the tail was cut out using the pattern piece. I was really excited after cutting the tail! It looked just like our vision!

After cutting the tail, the tulle was folded and cut using the pattern piece.

The blue fabric piece was used to make the top of the Mermaid costume. I folded the material in half and then trimmed it up on the sides so that it would be the same width across as the tail.
I fold the material again, and cut out arm holes.

I sewed ribbon down the tail and sewed on the scales. I ended up using about 3 0r 4 layers for the scales. I really wanted the scales to show up in the pictures!

I added a piece of blue shimmery fabric to the top. I wanted it to be cute and modest, yet still have shape to it.

I sewed ribbon to both sides and to the top.
The goal was to have a costume that would be very versatile. We needed it to fit a wide range of girls!

I also made a quick little accessory to go with it!

Here is the finished product! Everything came together and looked amazing! I asked for a volunteer for this blog picture and one of our 1st grade teachers happily agreed!

Serious Picture

Fun Picture

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  1. I wish I could have seen it in person. Loved it. You are so creative and so very skilled. I am so impressed. :)

  2. Hahah oh my goodness the photo at the bottom is priceless.

    Loved the costume- I wish I could have stayed and gotten a photo!

  3. That's really, really cute - you're so creative.

    I'm a new follower dropping by from Sumo's Sweet Stuff Monday. :O)

  4. That's adorable! I made a mermaid costume for my three year old a couple of halloween's ago from a pattern - it was one of my most challenging sewing projects ever! She couldn't just be a pumpkin, right? :-) My motivation was the same as yours - I wanted something modest. No three-year-old of mine is running around in a belly shirt or seashell bra!